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The Society of Afghan Engineers

Support Education of Future Engineers

The Society of Afghan Engineers

Provide Technical Services

The Society of Afghan Engineers

Participate in Emergency Relief

The Society of Afghan Engineers

Promote Technical Capacities

The Society of Afghan Engineers

Support Engineering Institutions

The Society of Afghan Engineers

Connect Afghan Professionals

The Society of Afghan Engineers

Support Education of Future Engineers (Scholarships)

We support young and motivated Afghans to become effective engineers and architects.

Engineering and architecture students in Afghanistan and elsewhere deserve an opportunity to overcome financial hardships and benefit from various opportunities to receive a holistic and effective education. To this end, the SAE seeks sponsorship of its members and their families for scholarship programs that enable engineering students to go above and beyond in their learning experience.

Individuals, families, and businesses are encouraged to support young Afghan engineering students to receive scholarships to enhance their educational experience and allow them to become effective contributors to the country’s development. If you are interested to offer a scholarship, please contact us at [email protected]

The Ashraf Roshan Scholarship for Architecture Education.

  • Background. Mr. Ashraf Roashan graduated from The Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering of Kabul University in 1980. His love for his architecture school accompanied him to his death. The SAE-Ashraf Roshan Scholarship for Architecture Education was established by Mrs. Tooba Roshan and her family in memory of her late husband, a distinguished Afghan architect and dedicated supporter of the Society of Afghan Engineers and Architects.
  • Objective: To further the education of architecture and design in Afghan universities in accordance with an accepted national/international standard.
  • Beneficiaries. Students at Department of Architecture of Faculty of Engineering at Kabul University.
  • Academic Grant Amount. Each successful candidate shall be awarded one-time cash or in-kind academic grant of US$ 1,000.
  • Number of Academic Grant. Every year a total of six academic grants shall be awarded, out of which three academic grants will be awarded to female students and 3 to male students.
  • Eligible Are
  • Active full-time in-person student.
  • Must have started the 3rd, 4th, or 5th year of education.
  • Must demonstrate academic excellence (highest average grade across all subjects) and successfully submit a project that meets the requirements of the academic grant.
  • Types of Awards
  • Leadership and excellence award, showing outstanding motivation and scholastic ability while having distinguished themselves through outstanding leadership qualities and academic excellence. This award may include requirements for the highest Grade Point Average.
  • Outstanding female student award, showing outstanding academic excellence and leadership qualities if Leadership and Excellence award is not won by a female student.
  • Best architectural portfolio award, based on accepted academic standards to be defined by the evaluation criteria.
  • Research in heritage architecture or vernacular architecture studies. It may require proposal approval by the selected board of academic grants.
  • Travel and attend conferences or support an annual lecture series in architecture.
  • Categories of Academic Grants
  • Category I: Direct prize – The awards will be cash as per stipulations of article 5, payable directly to the awardee. This award is reserved for fifth-year students.
  • Category II: Architectural supplies and computer: In lieu of a direct monetary prize, laptop computers, printing units (printers), and architectural supplies will be offered as a prize for student achievement and directly handed over to the winner. This award is reserved for fourth-year students.
  • Category III: Research, travel, and extracurricular activities. The proposals for this category should state compelling goal-oriented activities, in addition to motivation and scholastic ability. These activities may include studies in the Afghan built environment, organizing or attending lectures, design/art exhibits, and supporting workshops during the academic program that adds higher purpose and value to the applicants’ education and career goals. The applicants in this category should present a formal application to the academic grant Evaluation Committee. The application should include a 400-word essay that also clearly lists the proposal goals, the amount of funds required, and timelines to be completed. The applicants may be required to provide two letters of recommendation from their mentors in the program in support of the proposal. The evaluation will be based on the quality of the essay provided and the applicant’s match with the donor’s requisite criteria for an academic grant. This award shall be in the form of reimbursable expenses, directly payable to the awardee. This award is reserved for third-year students.

For more information on SAE scholarships, please contact us at [email protected].

Provide Technical Services (Technical Cooperation)

We deliver engineering and architecture services that meet the Afghan people’s needs.

With access to a strong, experienced, and highly qualified pool of engineers, covering every engineering specialization, the SAE is best positioned to

  • Deliver consulting services,
  • Prepare or review project designs,
  • Carry out project supervision work (Owner’s engineer services).

We serve a variety of clients types, including

  • The private sector,
  • Development Finance Corporations,
  • Government agencies (Afghan and non-Afghan),
  • Donor Agencies, and
  • NGOs.
The Society of Afghan Engineers
The Society of Afghan Engineers

Participate in Emergency Relief

We cannot remain silent when people are going through extraordinary hard times.

War, internal strife, floods, earthquakes, drought, unemployment, loss of breadwinners, and pure poverty have been affecting Afghans for many decades. As a result, people suffer from pain, hunger, homelessness, and loss of wealth and loved ones. While enjoying the peace and prosperity of our places of residence in America and elsewhere, our hearts ache for these people, and our conscience calls upon us to give of what we have been given.

SAE has heard the call to action and delivered on its responsibility to help where we can. Since its inception, numerous fundraising campaigns have been initiated among its members and sympathizers, and funds have been collected and distributed to people in need. Some such recent campaigns include the following:

  • Emergency Aid for internally displaced persons because of recent internal fighting that eventually led to the collapse of the republic.
  • Emergency Aid for victims of floods in

For further information and/or to donate, please click the DONATE button on the top of the page or contact us at [email protected].

Promote Technical Capacities (Capacity Development)

Educating Afghan engineers and architects in North America, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the world.

SAE’s capacity development aims to enable active engineers to learn new skills, operationalize those skills and make a more effective difference in the quality of work and service they render to their clients and beneficiaries.

Engineers and architects hailing from Afghanistan learn about their home country and its needs and learn new techniques and approaches to efficiently deliver their engineering services. Some of the capacity development mediums used in delivering services include:

The Society of Afghan Engineers
  • Online and in-person training on various engineering and architectural topics..
  • Special seminars delivered on various engineering topics.
  • Conferences, discussing different themes that offer diversified views and approaches on a series of related topics.
  • Publishing books, articles, research papers, video clips, blogs, including Vlogs, Etc.

Some past capacity development activities delivered by SAE include:

  • Avalanche management in the Salang Pass.
  • Technical Paper on Kabul City Groundwater Aquifer Storage and Recovery.
  • Technical paper on Wingwall design of skewed-crossing concrete box culverts.
  • Paper on the progress of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and electronic learning in Afghanistan.
  • Technical paper on History of Architectural Building Styles in Europe.
  • Technical paper on Municipal Government and Engineering.
  • Flood protection and mitigation training.
  • Training in the value of renewable energies in Afghanistan.
  • Design of parks and recreation facilities in Afghanistan.
  • Need to identify more actual training delivered by SAE and its members. I suggest we contact Mommandi sahib, Panjshiri sahib, and Mujtaba sahib for a list.

For further information on and to engage SAE in delivering capacity development services, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

The Society of Afghan Engineers

Support Engineering Institutions (Advisory Services)

We support various types of engineering institutions in enhancing their capacity to deliver sound engineering services.

SAE is privileged to have access to thousands of Afghan engineers living in the USA, Canada, Afghanistan, and various countries in European and elsewhere. They represent every engineering and architectural field and can provide great outcomes in research, development, and implementation. Their skills are the envy of every country.

Some advisory services delivered by SAE include:

  • Review of draft of the National Building Code developed for the Ministry of Urban Development and Land (MUDL) by a Kenyan consulting firm under a World Bank grant.
  • Review of articles by students and faculty of the Kabul University’s engineering faculty prior to being published.
  • Review architectural and landscape designs by Afghan students and provide guidance on how to enhance their global acceptance.

For further information and to engage SAE in engineering advisory services, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Connect Afghan Professionals

SAE is passionate about connecting Afghan professionals to other professionals in their fields. This allows for networking, learning, and project collaborations. Through our active projects, events, and regular meetings--all professionals around the world are welcome to attend and be a part of the growing SAE network. 

The Society of Afghan Engineers